Who we are

A Group Who Love to Ride Bikes

Some of us are beginners, and some of us are racers, but wholly we are a group of people who just love being on our bikes.

The club was an idea from Steve, the Falmouth Cycles shop owner, when he took the helm. He wanted to build a community of cyclists who all mutually respect each other just for the love of bikes.

He approached Matt, a shop regular, to be the club Secretary and get things off of the ground. Over a few months, a few ciders, and some inter-discipline rides, the idea of the club grew, and then they found the club's position in the local cycling community.

The club is a non-profit organisation. The shop supports the club and the community, donating funds to the club for it's various cycling registration fees, which give the network of support you expect.

Our membership in the first year was a core of around 9 riders, strengthening in our second year we've split into ability-arranged groups dependent on speed and distance.